Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about how exactly Phone Actress<sup>®</sup> works. We’re sure you’ll find most of the answers you’re looking for right here on our Frequently Asked Questions page, if not you’re always welcome to contact us!

Q. Is this type of work safe?

A. With Phone Actress®, you call our dedicated phone line so that there are never any outbound calls to your phone number. Your phone number and identity are never revealed, you will always be completely anonymous to the callers.

Q. Can I use a cordless phone or my cell phone?

A. Yes! You can use any phone as long as you have strong reception and it is free of interference.

Q. Do I have a guaranteed volume of work available for me?

A. Volume of work is based solely on the number of callers into the system at a given time, therefore we are unable to make any sort of guarantee as to volumes.

Q. Are there any requirements for working with Phone Actress®?

A. Yes, you must be 18 years of age or older; you must be a resident of the USA; you must have a business (Independent Contractor) and an EIN number (which is FREE to get from

Q. Are there any considerations in regards to my phone service I need to be aware of?

A. You must be capable of disabling any call waiting service.

Q. What if I don't know how to operate a business?

A. There is nothing to it. You know how to be a PA; everything else is easy. The difficult parts of operating a PA business are setting up credit card processing and creating a marketing platform - but you can contract with Phone Actress® to supply all of that for you.

Q. In the previous question you said I need to have a business. Do I need to have a corporation?

A. NO, you don't need to create a corporation or an LLC to do business with Phone Actress®; although you may want to do so. However you must at least be a Sole Proprietorship.

A sole proprietorship is simply a person doing business, under their own name (or sometimes under a "fictitious business name" or an "assumed name").

So, for example, as everyone knows, Norma Jeane Mortenson did business as Marilyn Monroe. Most sole proprietors use fictitious business names. Sometimes, fictitious business names require registration.

Operating as a sole proprietor, you should obtain an Employer Identification number ("EIN"), sometimes known as a Federal Employer Identification Number ("FEIN"). Indeed, Phone Actress® requires that all of its IEBs have EIN numbers, which you can get for FREE from the site:

Here's why: An EIN is used by a business in place of a social security number. Because of the overwhelming problem of identity theft, the last thing that you want to do is give out your social security number.

Q. On the Home Page and other pages you mention the words "Phone Sex Job"". Is this a job?

A. Phone Actress® team members are not employees. Rather, working as part of the Phone Actress® team consists of operating a home business where the team members choose how much or how little they work, where they work, and what hours they work.

Q. Can I log on at any time?

A. Yes.

Q. How much control over the work my business does do you control?

A. You exercise 100% control over the work you perform.

Q. Do I have to be highly skilled for this work?

A. If you have already been in the phone sex industry you know, the more highly skilled you are as an actress, the more money you will make. For many individuals this high degree of skill can be quickly learned and sometimes is innate.

Q. Will I have to do my own advertising?

A. No. However, you are more than welcome to advertise the Chatline number(s). Again although it's not a requirement, we do suggest you advertise your Chatline number(s) to promote your business.

Q. Does offer services other than phone chat?

A. NO. We contract with IEB's [Independent Entertainment Businesses] only that provide telephone entertainment services. We DO NOT offer, promote or recruit for Escort Services, Prostitution, Intimate or Erotic Massage Services or Intimate Companion services.

Q. Are there any considerations in regards to my phone service I need to be aware of?

A. You must be capable of disabling any call waiting service.

Q. Will I only be dealing with men, or do women call too?

A. The vast majority of clients will be men, however there is the slight possibility that a woman may use the system.

Q. What times are the most busiest to call into the phone system?

A. We are generally busier during the night and early morning. From around midnight up until noon the next day. Weekends are always busier than weekdays.

Q. Does Phone Actress® employ PAs?

A. No. Phone Actress® is a service provider that gives PAs what they need in order to market their PA services.

For example, suppose what you did in your spare time was to paint pictures and sell them. You would need somewhere to market and sell your paintings. One way of doing that would be to open a storefront - a gallery - where you could display and sell your paintings. The drawback to that, however, is that it requires rent payments, utilities, advertising, and so on. That would be so much overhead that it would consume more than your profit, not to mention your time.

An alternative is that you could sell your paintings at home shows, art fares or "swap meets" that cater to people who might be interested in purchasing artwork. With those business models, you just rent a space where you can display and sell your artwork. You could do it every Saturday and Sunday; one day a week, one day a month - whatever worked for you personally and economically.

That is how Phone Actress® functions. It gives you the ability to do what you do best - being a PA - without having to set up a phone network, credit-card processing, a billing system, and so on. You operate as an independent entertainment business ("IEB""); so you are in control.
So, you would be running your own business; and you contract with us to do your billing and furnish an advertising platform, etc.

Q. How do I get a FEIN [EIN] Number?

A. Because an FEIN is a mechanism for paying federal taxes, the IRS makes it very easy to get one. AND THEY ARE FREE when you go to the IRS website and follow the instructions: Then under Step #3 CLICK ON THE "APPLY ONLINE NOW" BUTTON. (Submit Your Application) The site is easy to understand and very self-explanatory.

Q. How will I be able to log on?

A. You will call into our system and follow the instructions. Our systems will record the time you are online down to the second. You may want to keep track as well so you have rough idea of what your business' earnings will be.

Q. How much will my business earn?

A. That all depends on how long you are on the system, your inherent natural talent and other factors.

Q. Who pays for any of my materials, supplies or equipment for example my phone?

A. Because you are operating your own business you pay for all your expenses, such as phone, computer, pens and paper, etc. along with anything else that goes along with having your own business.

Q. Who pays my taxes?

A. As an independent business you pay your own taxes.

Q. Is there an 'application fee' to sign up?

A. No, there is no fee to apply with Phone Actress®.